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Network Address Translation - Implementation - Translation of The Endpoint
... With NAT, all communication sent to external hosts actually contain the external IP address and port information of the NAT device instead of internal host IPs or port numbers ... network sends a packet to the external network, the NAT device replaces the internal IP address in the source field of the packet header (sender's address) with the external IP address of the ... The NAT device then makes an entry in a translation table containing the internal IP address, original source port, and the translated source port ...
Cracking Of Wireless Networks - Reconnaissance of The Local-area Network - Footprinting
... The router/firewall device that people use at home to connect to the internet probably also functions as a DHCP server ... Nowadays many router/DHCP devices perform Network Address Translation (NAT) ... The NAT device is a gateway between the local network and the internet ...

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