Nasr Al-Madhkur - Bani Utbah's Victory Over Nasr Al-Madhkur At Zubarah in 1782

Bani Utbah's Victory Over Nasr Al-Madhkur At Zubarah in 1782

From 1748 to 1750 many tribal Arabs tried to occupy Bushire but failed. Later on they sided with Dutch-German trading companies and attacked the city while the news reached the Fars governor. It took then a year to send a strong 2000-man army on horseback to get rid of all invaders. When the news reached Bushire, Al-Mazkour and their allies left the city for good. The prosperity and emerging position of Zubarah as a flourishing pearling centre and trading port, now in modern Qatar, had brought it to the attention of the two main regional powers at that time, Persia and Oman, which were presumably sympathetic to Sheikh Nasr’s ambitions. Zubarah offered great potential wealth because of the extensive pearls found in its waters. In 1782, war broke out between the Zubarah-based Bani Utbah tribe and the Al-Madhkurs. Zubarah was originally the center of power of the Bani Utbah, from which the Al-Khalifa family belongs to.

The battle of Zubarah took place in the year 1782 between the Bani Utbah tribe and the army of Nasr Al-Madhkur.

In 1783, Nasr Al-Madhkur lost the islands of Bahrain to the Bani Utbah tribe.

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