Nasal Spray

Nasal Spray

Nasal sprays come in a variety of forms. Medicated such as Astelin, Afrin and Nasonex and natural such as Sinusoothe and Sterimar. Although delivery methods vary, most nasal sprays function by instilling a fine mist into the nostril by action of a hand-operated pump mechanism.

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ACAM-FLU-A - Purpose and Benefits of Annual Flu Vaccination - Comparing Flu Shot To Nasal Spray
... and B) inactivated (killed) vaccine) or LAIV Q/LAIV (nasal spray (mist) of live attenuated influenza vaccine.) TIV induces protection after injection (typically intramuscular ... of military personnel showed that flu shots yielded less illness than nasal spray ...
Nasal Spray - Combined Use
... Frequently, a doctor or allergist will prescribe several types of nasal sprays in combination with each other or with other drugs ... For example, a decongestant spray is often advised for the first few days of treatment in conjunction with an antihistamine or steroidal spray ...
Hayato Jin - Characters - Dinosaur Empire - Mechasauruses
... ray ear shields, homing missiles in the larger nasal horn, and super sonic burrowing using the larger nasal horn ... the head and neck into a large drill, reformation so long as the head is intact, and lava spray from the helmet ... include flight, a lime green laser on the nasal horn, an orange heat ray from the wings, bombs stored in the chest, and a radar jamming tetrahedral force field ...
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... vaccine, oral polio vaccine (Sabin), yellow fever vaccine, and nasal-spray flu vaccine (including the seasonal flu nasal spray and the 2009 H1N1 flu nasal spray) ...

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