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PARE (aviation) - Precautions
... PARE checklist provides a convenient method for teaching and recalling the steps in the NASA Standard spin recovery procedure for typical, light, single-engine, general aviation airplanes ... NASA Standard recovery actions were first introduced in 1936, and those recovery actions were verified again during an intensive spin test program conducted by ... For example, regardless of the recovery actions taken by the pilot (NASA Standard or otherwise), there is no guarantee that spin recovery can be effected ...
Tailspin - Entry and Recovery
... The mnemonic "PARE" simply reinforces the tried-and-true NASA standard spin recovery actions—the very same actions first prescribed by NACA in 1936, verified by NASA during ... a specific subset of spin-approved airplanes, the NASA Standard/PARE procedure can also be effective provided that care must be taken to ensure the spin does not simply cross from ... at all—many cases exist where Beggs/Mueller fails to recover the airplane from the spin, but NASA Standard/PARE will terminate the spin ...

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