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Interesting Facts

  • Great Revolutionist Alluri Sita Rama Raju, Madhva Raj, ghazal singer Dr Ghazal Srinivas studied at Taylor High School, Narasapuram.
  • Cine stars Krishnam Raju, Dasari Narayana Rao, Chiranjeevi and Dr Ghazal Srinivas also studied at Sri YN College founded by the father of Dr. Gopala Krishna Murthy, Sri Yerramilli Narayana Murthy.
  • Lace is an art of stitching lace threads to form door mats, decorative articles, bags, table cloths etc. This forms the primary livelihood for poor rural folk. Many lace businessmen having business deals with Australia, UK & US have origins in Narasapuram.
  • There are few rice mills and ice factories situated in this town. Aqua culture and fisheries are some other industries there.
  • Narasapuram is the center of education for all the surrounding villages and smaller towns. There are six engineering colleges within a radius of 25 km. There are many Arts & Science colleges (government and private) in the town.
  • Dhaveji, a community who migrated from Gujarat are believed to have migrated to this region about 300 years ago
  • Yerramilli Narayana Murthy is the first municipal chairman of Narasapuram.
  • The town has trains connecting it to the major cities in the state. The Narsapur Express connecting the town to the capital Hyderabad is a part of the town's daily life. It is also connected to Vizag and Tirupati.
  • Famous Telugu movie directors Jandhyala Subramanya Sastry, known as Jandhyala & Satti Raju Lakshmi Narayana (Bapu) were born here. Bapu's mother is a daughter of the Nidumolu family.
  • Freedom Fighter Chilakamarthi Lakshmi Narasimham studied in Mission High School, Narasapuram.
  • Sri Sripada Lakshmi Narasimham - the great intellectual, scholar, philosopher, respected lawyer, trade union leader and humanist, who fought for introduction of the bonus payments for P & T class III, IV employees and banks employees - lived and died in Narasapuram.
  • Gandham Adinarayana Murthy famous cine&drama artist is also from Narasapuram.
  • Publicity Designer Lanka Bhaskar and Director Dhavala Satyam were also from Narasapuram
  • The Sole Ghazal singer in Telugu & Guinness record holder Ghazal Srinivas is from this town (
  • High Court Judge Sri Justice D.S.R. Varma was born at Narasapuram
  • Famous writer Garimella Viswanadh worked and lived in Narsapuram
  • Around 5 km to Narasapuram there was a famous Lord Shiva temple in the village called Lakshmaneswaram. Great piligrimage center while February month "SHIVA RAATRI".
  • Mouth of the river: All the way from Nasik to Narasapuram the Godavari River it ends and finally merges to sea called Anthervedi (Bangala Khaatham) In the Narasapuram the regional language word is called (ANNA-CHELLI GATTU).
  • The headquarters of 7 Andhra NCC (Naval) Unit is located in Y.N.College, Narasapuram
  • Without the mention of Dr.Ponnapalii Subrahmanyam,the history of Narsapur Town would be pale&stale.He was conferred with the titles of “Nataraja”,Kalaposhaka”,& “Abhinava Sri Krishna Devaraya”.He was a doctor with a magic hand! He felicitated artistes,Doctors,Stalwarts from every walk of life,thus enriching the cultural heritage and legacy of Narsapur Town.He acted in dramas,and managed a dramatic company,and also acted in films.He was a philanthropist and altruist to the core.He was the 2nd Municipal Chairman,and brought huge funds for tar roads,a beautiful park(named after him later),a market place,and florescent lamps for the town.He was the Charming Darling Prince of Narsapur Town,while Sri Yerramilli Narayana Murty was the King of Narsapur.Dr.Ponnapalii Subrahmanyam conducted First BHUVANA VIJAYAM,in which great scholars—like,Jamalamadaka Madhavaraya Sarma,Jandhyala Papaiah Satry,Divakarla Venkata Avadhani,Dasharaathi,Nanduri RamakrishnaMacharya participated.He was the Managing Director of Sarada Talkies (Presently known as sarada Theater),Sarvodaya Nursing Home a first poly clinic in Andhra area not only in Andhra first time in India for that matter.Dr.Ponnapalli Subrahmanyam was a towering versatile personality,and generations to come should remember his good deeds for the benefit of Narsapur.Dr.Ponnapalli Ramakrishnarao,his eldest son served the society as an efficient doctor.He has been the Vice-president & Treasurer of Sri YN College,Narsapur for the past 30 years or so.

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