Nalankilli was one of the Tamil king's of the Early Cholas mentioned in Sangam Literature. Nalankilli is mentioned in context with a civil war between him and another Chola Nedunkilli. We have no definite details about this Chola or his reign. The only information we have is from the fragmentary poems of Sangam.

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War Between Nedunkilli and Nalankilli
... speaks of the war between two Cholas Nalankilli and Nedunkilli, which lasted until the death of Nedunkilli at the battlefields of Kariyaru ... Nedunkilli was the opponent of Nalankilli and ruled from Urayur ... once shut up at a fort in Avur and was besieged by Nalankilli ...
Colandia - Cholas in Sangam Literature - Nalankilli and Nedunkilli
... The poet Kovur Kilar mentions a protracted civil war between two Chola chieftains Nalankilli and Nedunkilli ... Nedunkilli shut himself in a fort in Avur, which was being besieged by Mavalattan, Nalankilli’s younger brother ...