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Come See ... Come Saw

"Arabic تعا تفرّج تعا شوف" "translit: Ta3a Tfarraj Ta3a Chouf" was written and directed by Najee Mondalek, but has not been released on DVD yet. It's a very simple comedy portraying hundreds of newcomers who have faced some kind of problem with learning a new language and culture. Their mannerisms and slips-of-the-tongue carry humorous overtones. "Break a leg" is a term used in show business to wish a good luck to an actor or theatrical group. The "AJYAL Theatrical Group" don't like to use this term anymore. Two nights before the premier of "Come See.. Come Saw" in Detroit- Michigan, "Im Elias" (played by Michael Mondalek), had a car accident and broke her leg! She ended up performing her part on crutches. The show was a mix of skits and stand-up performances by Im Hussein, Im Elias and Abou Hussein.

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