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Sharp MZ - Product Line
... The MZ series is divided into several lines, including the text-based MZ-80K series, the graphics-based MZ-80B series, and the MZ-3500/5500 series, based on a completely ... The X series proved to outsell Sharp's own MZ series, and in response, Sharp released the MZ-1500/2500 machines, which featured powered-up graphics and sound ... However, this series saw little marketplace success, and eventually the company abandoned the line in favor of the X68000 series ...
Sharp MZ - Product Line - MZ-3500/5500/6500 Group
... A line of business PCs shoehorned into the MZ lineup ... MZ-3500 series (1982) – Runs on two Z80A processors ... MZ-3541 – FDOS and EOS (CP/M compatible) MZ-5500 series (1983) – An MS-DOS-based machine running on an Intel 8086 processor ...

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