Myth Busters (2009 Season) - Episode 128 - Greased Lightning - Microwave Mayhem

Microwave Mayhem

Myth statement Status Notes
A bomb made from a block of C-4 can be detonated by placing it in a microwave oven and heating it for one minute. Based on a scene in the film Grosse Pointe Blank. Busted The Build Team set up three microwave ovens, each of which contained a different C-4 device: one unaltered block, one with wiring similar to that used in the film, and one with both wiring and a blasting cap. Using a remote-controlled bomb disposal robot, the team set each oven to run for 60 seconds at full power. The unaltered block did not heat up appreciably, while the one with only the wiring caught fire but did not detonate (though the door of that oven did burst open). The wiring/cap device exploded violently after only a few seconds of heating, due to sparks arcing across the metal wires and touching off the blasting cap. Since a person placing this bomb in a microwave would be unable to get to safety before it exploded, the team declared the myth busted.

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