Myth Busters (2007 Season) - Episode 80 - Big Rig Myths - Knight Rider Ramp

Knight Rider Ramp

Myth statement Status Notes
As seen in the TV series Knight Rider, a moving car can safely transition from a road into a moving big rig via ramp. Confirmed To test this myth, the MythBusters first started with a small scale test using a toy car. Simulating the Knight Rider stunt, the MythBusters found that the toy car could enter the big rig safely without a sudden and dangerous acceleration that many people had feared. They then tested the stunt at full scale using a Chevy Camaro, which is similar to a Pontiac Trans Am like the one used in Knight Rider. They tested at both 30 mph (48 km/h) and 55 mph (89 km/h) with no difficulty. The MythBusters explained that, even when hitting the truck's ramp, the car's inertia keeps it going at exactly the same speed relative to the ground—which lets it safely drive into the big rig, with no surprising accelerations. Jamie then reinforced the myth by safely exiting the moving semi truck in reverse.

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