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Indoor Concerts

No Song Costume Choreography Comment
1 "D'entre les morts" Tight suit, showing the human's muscular system. No The stage is covered with darkness, until the iris of Farmer shortly appears on a big screen in the middle. This happens several times until the iris one time "opens". An animated kind of film is shown, including skeletons. At the end, the screen gives sight behind itself, showing Farmer in a skeleton-like cage above a staircase.
2 "Paradis inanimé" Same costume No Farmer goes out of the cage and downstairs to perform the song. This live version is nearly identical to the album version.
3 "L'Âme-stram-gram" * Farmer: Same costume
* Dancers: Same costumes like Farmer.
It is nearly the same choreography like at the Mylenium Tour. The introduction features a new one with first featuring only Farmer who is joined by the other dancers until the main part begins. It is a very dynamic electro remix featuring some soundsamples of the original version.
4 "Je m'ennuie" Same costume The choreography, created by Farmer herself, is very simple with mainly repetitive arm movements throughout the whole song. This version is similar to the original one, but features some extra sounds.
5 "Appelle mon numéro" Glittering short dress with red cape with hood. No Before the main part, similar to the album version, begins, there's an interlude lasting about one minute and a half.
6 "XXL" Same costume No This version is similar to the one at the Avant que l'ombre... à Bercy concert series.
7 "À quoi je sers..."
Same costume No Farmer first sits on the stairs performing the first verse of the song and then stands up. It is an acoustic version.
8 "Pourvu qu'elles soient douces" * Farmer: Same costume
* Dancers: Red coats.
The same choreography as in other concert tours is used, with only a few changes during the musical bridge. This version uses many electronic sounds. The introduction is composed of Farmer's voiced mixed like at the beginning of the 'Remix club', released in 1988.
9 "Point de suture" Blue dress. No Before the main part of the song begins, there is an introduction lasting about one minute and a half. The big screen of the beginning of the show appears again in the middle of the stage, showing the sun seen from underwater. During the main part, which is nearly identical to the album version, the screen shows a man and a woman together performing an unconventional choreography naked. This choreography depicts the meaning of the song.
10 "Nous souviendrons-nous"
cancelled in Russia.
Same costume No This version is very simple, only composed of strings and a few piano notes.
11 "Rêver" Same costume No This version is also very simple.
12 "Ainsi soit je..." Same costume No Farmer is accompanied by Yvan Cassar on the piano. One chorus at the end has been omitted.
13 Interlude: "Avant que l'ombre..." Same costume No It is a very dramatic instrumental interlude. During the beginning, Farmer goes up the stairs and then disappears from the stage.
14 "Libertine" * Farmer: Asymmetrical business suit composed with a white tutu underneath.
* Dancers: White tutu and white or black jacket.
Farmer and her dancers perform a new choreography in which elements of classical ballet are incorporated during the verses. This is a very dynamic French rock version. The screens in the back show chessmen.
15 "Sans contrefaçon" Same costumes The choreography is similar to the one used for the other concert tours, with some changes during the musical bridge. Many guitar sounds are used throughout the refrains and the bridge.
16 "Je te rends ton amour"
Same costume without the jacket. No The stage is covered with red light, while Farmer is performing the song. It is very similar to the original version.
17 "Dégénération" * Farmer: Black leather jacket with a golden cross in the back.
* Dancers: Beige jackets with a black cross in the back.
Farmer appears standing on a cockroach-shaped chair, while the dansers perform a dynamic modern choreography. She then stands up and walks to a platform which then raises in the air. This version is preceded by an introduction of about one minute and a half. The main part is nearly identical to the album version.
18 "Désenchantée" Same costume The same choreography as in the other concert tours is used, with a few changes. The sound is very futuristic, featuring many synthesizer sounds. At the end, Farmer sings again the chorus two times, first a cappella with the audience and then again with musical accompaniment.
19 "C'est dans l'air" Same costume Same choreography as used in the music video, including some additional moves. Some sounds of the 'Extended club mix' are used during the musical bridge. After the main part of the song, the musicians and dancers are presented on the screen above the stairs.
20 "Si j'avais au moins..." Long white dress No The stage is bathed in red and orange lights. During the song, the many screens display images of lava erupting. The last musical bridge is extended and very dramatical, while part of the staircase raises and reveals a tunnel into which Farmer goes and disappears. At the end the stage is covered with darkness again.

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