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Multiply-with-carry - Comparisons With Linear Congruential Generators
... If a mod 8 is 1 or 5 and c is odd, the resulting base 232 congruential sequence will have period 232 ... value c rather than the fixed carry value of the standard congruential sequence Get ax+c in 64-bits, then form a new c as the top half of those 64 bits, and the new x as the bottom half ... a new pair, If x and c are not both zero, then the period of the resulting multiply-with-carry sequence will be the order of b = 232 in the multiplicative group of residues modulo ab − 1, that is, the ...

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    It isn’t that you subordinate your ideas to the force of the facts in autobiography but that you construct a sequence of stories to bind up the facts with a persuasive hypothesis that unravels your history’s meaning.
    Philip Roth (b. 1933)