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.327 Federal Magnum - Media Reviews
1,300 fps, but you get only five shots and muzzle blast and recoil that could make a brass monkey flinch ... even in the 21 ounce Patriot produces rather stiff recoil and considerable muzzle blast ... For those who can ignore the muzzle blast and recoil the power is certainly there, however for normal self-defense use Federal now offers a Low Recoil load utilizing the 85-grain JHP they load in the.32 Magnum.. ...
Muzzle Flash - Muzzle Blast - Problems Caused By Muzzle Blast
... Muzzle blasts can easily exceed sound pressure levels of 140 decibels, which can cause permanent hearing loss even with brief and infrequent exposure ... that danger can extend outwards a significant distance from the muzzle ... The force of the muzzle blast can cause damage to items near the muzzle, and with artillery, the energy is sufficiently large to cause severe damage to surrounding structures and vehicles ...
Gunfire Locator - Gunfire Characteristics
... propel a projectile from the chamber of the weapon A muzzle blast that occurs when an explosive charge is ignited to propel a projectile from the chamber of the ... A typical muzzle blast generates an impulse sound wave with a sound pressure level (SPL) that ranges from 120 dB to 160 dB A “snap” or “crack” that occurs as ... The combination of a muzzle blast and a supersonic snap provides additional information that can be used along with the physics of acoustics and sound ...
Altering Transitional Ballistics - Suppressing The Blast
... of the escaping gas to reduce the effects of the muzzle blast ... suppressors introduce turbulence into the mixing of fuel-laden hot gases escaping from the muzzle and the surrounding oxygen-rich air, reducing combustion efficiency and thus ... to the bore, in essence making it a small rocket that pushes the muzzle downwards, and counters the "flip", or rise of the muzzle caused by the high bore line of most ...

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    ... able to
    Mend measles, nag noses, blast blisters
    And all day waste wordful girls
    And war-boys, and all day
    Say “Oh God!”
    Gwendolyn Brooks (b. 1917)

    As well have a talon as a finger, a muzzle as a mouth,
    as well have a hollow as a heart.
    Robert Earl Hayden (1913–1980)