Musipedia is a search engine for identifying pieces of music. This can be done by whistling a theme, playing it on a virtual piano keyboard, tapping the rhythm on the computer keyboard, or entering the Parsons code. Anybody can modify the collection of melodies and enter MIDI files, bitmaps with sheet music (possibly generated by the Musipedia server after entering LilyPond or abc source code), lyrics or some text about the piece, or the melodic contours as Parsons Code.

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Musipedia - History
... Musipedia was started by Rainer Typke in 1997 and has been developed by him since then ... Since 2006, the Musipedia search engine can also be used for searching the world wide web for MIDI files ... Musipedia locates the MIDI files that go into its search index by using the Alexa Web Search service, which has been available since December 2005 (as ...