Music Based On The Works of Oscar Wilde - List of Works - The Harlot's House

The Harlot's House


Composer Title Genre Date Notes
Ronald Stevenson The Harlot's House – Dance Poem after Oscar Wilde chamber 1988 Free-bass accordion, timpani and percussion
Donald Swann The Poetic Image: A Victorian Song Cycle song cycle 1991 Swann set The Harlot's House, along with extracts from The Ballad of Reading Gaol and other texts by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Christina Rossetti, and John Clare

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    The old-fashioned idea that the simple piling up of experiences, one on top of another, can make you an artist, is, of course, so much rubbish. If acting were just a matter of experience, then any busy harlot could make Garbo’s Camille pale.
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