Musgrave Block

The Musgrave Block (also known as the Musgrave Province) is an east-west trending belt of Proterozoic granulite-gneiss basement rocks approximately 500 km long. The Musgrave Block extends from western South Australia into Western Australia.

The Musgrave Block is primarily exposed through the actions of the Petermann Orogeny at c. 535-550 Ma, which exhumed the orogenic belt along the Woodroffe Thrust.

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Musgrave Block - Bentley Supergroup
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Petermann Orogeny
... which resulted in exhumation of the Musgrave Block, the Amadeus Basin was contiguous with the Officer Basin in South Australia ... confined, occurring most pervasively within the central northern-Musgrave Block ... Exhumation of the Musgrave Block (and overlying sediments) resulted in successive unroofing and deposition of rock types such as arkose and conglomerate in ...

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