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List Of Stanford University People - Notable Stanford Alumni - Academics - Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
... Breed, (M.S.), created the first computer animation language, MACS, Grace Murray Hopper awardee Sergey Brin (M.S.), developer of Google search engine, Marconi Prize winner David Boggs (Ph.D.), co-in ... Craig Gentry (Ph.D), computer scientist, Grace Murray Hopper awardee, noted for solving "fully homomorphic encryption", a breakthrough in public-key encryption Edward Ginzton (Ph.D and prof), pioneer of microwave ... in CS, Grace Murray Hopper awardee Alan Kay (Postdoc), Turing Award-winning computer scientist Lydia Kavraki, (Ph.D in CS), Grace Murray Hopper awardee Leslie Kaelbling, (Ph.D in CS), winner of ...

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