Muhkam Singh - Unpopular Leader

Unpopular Leader

Ill tempered, domineering and pugnacious, young Muhkam Singh was incapable as a leader. He is believed to have forcibly occupied the vacant leadership, much against the then prevalent custom among the Jats. A majority of the Jat leaders, apparently headed by Badan Singh) did not approve it. They also disliked his intemperance and wished to sack him. This situation precipitated an internal crisis again. Getting jealous of Badan Singh’s “bravery and ability” Muhkan Singh threw that chief into prison at Khoh (6 miles north-west of Deeg).

This was thus Badan Singh’s second imprisonment within a short time. The maltreatment at the hands of Muhkam Singh ultimately strengthened his cause. Fransoo adds that as many as 22 prominent sardars to be Raja Ram’s son, Fateh Singh of Ajan, Anup Singh of Arig, Ati Ram’s son, Shardul Singh of Halena, Gujars of Sihi and Helak, Purohit Kalu Ram and Lalji of Barsana and others), who loved Badan Singh for his “good behaviour” appealed to Muhkam Singh to release his cousin but he refused .

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