Muhammad Khan (Ilkhan)

Muhammad Khan (died July 1338) was a claimant to the throne of the Ilkhanate. He was a great-grandson of Mengu Timur, who was a son of Hulegu.

During the breakup of the Ilkhanate following the death of Abu Sa'id in 1335, the Jalayirid Hasan Buzurg raised Muhammad Khan to the throne. Muhammad Khan, who was still a young child, was of Mongol blood and was therefore a way to legitimise Hasan Buzurg's rule from Baghdad. In a battle taking place on July 26, 1336, Hasan Buzurg and Muhammad Khan defeated the forces of 'Ali Padshah and his puppet Ilkhan, Musa. Hasan Buzurg then installed his claimant in Tabriz. Over the next few years, the two strengthened their hold over western Persia, but the appearance of the Chobanid Hasan Kucek spoiled their rule. The two sides met in the Alataq area on July 16, 1338, and Hasan Buzurg and Muhammad Khan were defeated. Hasan Buzurg fled; Muhammad Khan was captured by the Chobanids and executed.

Preceded by
Ilkhan (Jalayirid candidate)
Succeeded by
Jahan Temur
Name Muhammad Khan
Alternative names
Short description Claimant to the throne of the Ilkhanate
Date of birth
Place of birth
Date of death 1339
Place of death