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Airport Express Stock

Trains of Airport Express (AEL) were made up of 7 cars up until 2003. The 88 cars were built and assembled by CAF in Spain while Adtranz contributed control and traction equipment. To cope with the extra traffic demand derived from the opening of AsiaWorld-Expo station, an additional 'F' car was added to each train to form a total of 8 cars. If future demand rises, trains on the AEL are capable of running with 10 cars.

Airport Express cars
E car 24600 60 84 11
F car 22500 64 84 22
G car (trailer) 22500 64 84 22
H car 22500 64 84 11
J car 22500 64 84 11
K car (van) 24600 13 luggage containers 11

Configuration of an AEL train is E-F-G-H-F-G-J-K. Except for K cars that have 5 doors on each side, all other cars in AEL have 2 doors on each side and 1 wheelchair space. Each passenger car is mounted with 2 LCD monitors at each end for broadcasting entertainment or turistic programmes and next-station announcement.

Maximum speed of AEL trains is 135 km/h, maximum acceleration is 1 m/s2 (3.28 ft/s2) (3.6 km/(h·s) or 2.237 mph/s), maximum service deceleration is 1.1 m/s2 (3.61 ft/s2) (3.96 km/(h·s) or 2.46 mph/s)), emergency brake can deliver deceleration of 1.35 m/s2 (4.43 ft/s2) (4.86 km/(h·s) or 3.02 mph/s)). Traction of AEL trains are VVVF Inverter based on GTO Thyrsitor technology.

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