Mr. Clean - International Versions

International Versions

The name "Clean" is usually translated into local languages:

  • Don Limpio, in Spain (originally launched and sold for years as 'Mister Proper')
  • Maestro Limpio, in Mexico and Puerto Rico
  • Mastro Lindo, in Italy and Malta
  • Meister Proper, in Germany (originally; labeled now as Mr. Proper)
  • Meneer Proper, in Belgium (Flanders) (Colloquially, the brand is known as 'Mister Proper')
  • Pan Proper, in Poland
  • Mister Proper, in Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine and Middle east
  • Monsieur Net, in Quebec and French Canada
  • Monsieur Propre, in France
  • Romuald Diego, in Manila

In the United Kingdom and Ireland, the product is sold under the brand name Flash; this is because a company exists that uses the "Mr. Clean" name. Furthermore, Flash does not use a mascot, unlike Mr. Clean. For many years Flash was advertised on UK television by Scottish actress Molly Weir, with the catchphrase "Flash cleans floors WITHOUT scratching".

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