MQV - Description


Alice has a key pair (A,a) with A her public key and a her private key and Bob has the key pair (B,b) with B his public key and b his private key.

In the following has the following meaning. Let be a point on an elliptic curve. Then where and n is the order of the used generator point P. So are the first L bits of the x coordinate of R.

Step Operation
1 Alice generates a key pair (X,x) by generating randomly x and calculating X=xP with P a point on an elliptic curve.
2 Bob generates a key pair (Y,y) in the same way as Alice.
3 Now, Alice calculates and sends X to Bob.
4 Bob calculates and sends Y to Alice.
5 Alice calculates and Bob calculates where h is the cofactor (see Elliptic curve cryptography: domain parameters).
6 The communication of secret was successful. A key for a symmetric-key algorithm can be derived from K.

Note: for the algorithm to be secure some checks have to be performed. See Hankerson et al.

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