Mpumangayi Secondary School

Established in 1984, is a secondary school in Shurugwi rural areas about 30 km away from the Shurugwi Town Centre. It offera only up to O-levels, i.e. 11th grade. It is located approximately 2 km east of Vungwi Primary School which is its sister school where many students are drawn from. It was built to offer secondary education mainly to children whose parents could not afford boarding schools after completing primary education at Vungwi Primary School, Wida Primary School, Makotore Primary School, Makandire Primary School, Mabedzenge Primary School and Mhangami Primary School.

It is by the road to Tongogara and Tongogara High School in Shurugwi Rural Areas

The school mainly attract academically poor students as the best students tend to shun the local secondary school by attending boarding school from far afield where better educated is offered.

This has diminished the academic results of Mpungayi Secondary School year by year. The school has not afforded a pass rate of more than 5% since its establishment in 1982. The school was a brain child of Solomon A.A. Matonsi the late, a former headmaster of Vungwi Primary School. During the first days, classes where attended at Vungwi for almost 2 years while the school was under construction.

However due to the location of the school, it failed to attract best teachers as most teachers do not prefer teaching in rural areas. The closest shopping centre is at least 6 km away. Most travel more than 10 km on foot to attend classes... Generally the majority of students are from poor peasant farmers from the surrounding communities that can not afford school fees at some better boarding schools where better education is offered. Volley ball, soccer, netball and athletics are offered at the school but it is always over shadowed both in sports and academics by the nearby Rusununguko Secondary School and Tongongara High School. The school colours are maroon skirts and cream blouses for girls and brown shorts and cream shirts for boys.

The majority of subjects are offered up to O-levels of the local adopted Zimbabwe Secondary Schools Examinations modelled along the UK system of education.

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