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Turntables - Pickup Systems - Magnetic Cartridges
... The moving magnet type was by far the most common and more robust of the two, though audiophiles often claim that the moving coil system yields higher fidelity sound ... On the other end of the cantilever is mounted a tiny permanent magnet (moving magnet type) or a set of tiny wound coils (moving coil type) ... The magnet is close to a set of fixed pick-up coils, or the moving coils are held within a magnetic field generated by fixed permanent magnets ...
Magnetic Cartridge - Types - Moving Magnet Vs. Moving Coil Debate
... Moving magnet cartridges are more commonly found at the 'lower-end' of the market, while the 'higher-end' tends to be dominated by moving coil designs ... believed that MC cartridges sport lower moving masses ... MM cartridges are able to sport as low as a moving mass than the best MC cartridges ...

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    Yes, but I do not travel to find comfortable, rich, and hospitable people, or clear sky, or ingots that cost too much. But if there were any magnet that would point to the countries and houses where are the persons who are intrinsically rich and powerful, I would sell all, and buy it, and put myself on the road to-day.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    Leaving me guilted on a moving stair
    Upwards, down which I regularly fell
    Tail backwards ...
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)