Mouse Guard - Characters


  • Abigail - A healer at Lockhaven who secretly shares Midnight's ideals.
  • Celanawe - A champion of the Guard from long ago, known by some in the Guard as the legendary "Black Axe", whose mythic tale was long thought ended long ago.
  • Conrad - A salty, peg-legged mouse who once trained with the Black Axe. Conrad was sent to man the seaside outpost Calogero.
  • Gwendolyn - The Guard's matriarchal leader who inducted many of the current Guard and oversees its members' assignments.
  • Kenzie - Known for his intellect and cleverness in battle, many of the Guard owe their lives to his levelheadedness. He has patrolled for many seasons beside his close friend (and polar opposite), Saxon.
  • Landra - One of the Guard's quartermasters who has succeeded Rand in many of his duties, responsible for tracking the movements of Guardsmice on missions.
  • Lieam - Although one of the Guard's youngest members, he has earned the respect of his fellow Guardsmice several times over with his proven heroism and swordsmanship.
  • Midnight - The Guard's blacksmith. He steals the black axe from Celanawe and dubbing himself the new Black Axe, raises an army that besieges Lockhaven.
  • Rand - The shield-bearer of the Guard, charged with maintaining the defense of the Mouse Territories. He is crippled by a leg wound.
  • Roibin - A scribe who serves Gwendolyn who is also a poet.
  • Sadie - A young Guardsmouse once posted on the Eastern shores who has returned home in search of the camaraderie of other mice. She wields a pair of daggers and is an expert slinger.
  • Saxon - A bold swordsmouse, who tends to confront a problem first with blade drawn. Though his hotheadedness is sometimes to his detriment, he is amongst the bravest and strongest of the Mouse Guard. This makes him a fine complement to his friend Kenzie.

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