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Battle Of Mughar Ridge - Aftermath - Action of Ayun Kara, 14 November
... Attacking the Ottoman infantry division was the New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade's Auckland, Canterbury and Wellington Mounted Rifle Regiments ... On the right of this engagement the Canterbury Mounted Rifle Regiment was held up and heavily engaged in the orange groves of the Wadi Hanein near Nes Ziyona until late in the afternoon ... On the right of these engagements, after the 1st Light Horse Brigade had secured Yebna this brigade encountered Ottoman units defending the Jewish ...
Battle Of Mughar Ridge - Aftermath
... Later in the morning of 14 November the New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade (commanded by Brigadier General William Meldrum) ran into a determined and well entrenched Ottoman rearguard near Ayun Kara ... Although severely threatened, the New Zealand Mounted Rifle Brigade eventually prevailed and went on to occupy Jaffa two days later ... Most of the mounted units had covered at least 170 miles (270 km) since 29 October 1917 capturing 5,270 prisoners and over 60 guns and about 50 machine-guns ...
Battle Of Rafa - Battle
... At 0100 Chetwode's mounted units of Desert Column began moving to attack Rafa on 9 January 1916 without any reserve ammunition for the artillery, rifles and machine guns ... While the 1st Light Horse and the New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigades rode to a position from which to attack from the south, east and north, the 5th Mounted Yeomanry Brigade moved off by the same route as ... The Yeomanry brigade moved off at 0203 accompanied by six Ford motor cars of the 7th Light Car Patrol in support, less two troops of the Worcestershire Yeomanry, at Sheikh Zowaiid protecting the ammunition ...
Battle Of Jerusalem (1917) - Battle - 24 November: First Attack Across The Nahr El Auja
... The advance by two infantry and one mounted division into the Judean Hills towards Jerusalem was suspended in the area of Nebi Samwil on 24 November ... On the same day infantry from the 54th (East Anglian) Division and the Anzac Mounted Division began their attack across the Nahr el Auja on the ... The only mounted brigade available was the New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade which had been on garrison duty in the occupied city of Jaffa since 16 November ...
Battle Of Magdhaba - Battle
... the north and east, was to be made by the New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade, commanded by Brigadier General Edward Chaytor, which moved in line of troop columns ... Vickers and Lewis guns, and the 3rd Light Horse Brigade all under the command of Chaytor ... Despite heavy Ottoman fire, Chaytor's attacking mounted troops found cover and dismounted, some about 1,600 yards (1,500 m) from the redoubts and entrenchments, while others got as close as 400 ...

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    [John] Brough’s majority is “glorious to behold.” It is worth a big victory in the field. It is decisive as to the disposition of the people to prosecute the war to the end. My regiment and brigade were both unanimous for Brough [the Union party candidate for governor of Ohio].
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)

    ... the sentimentalist ... exclaims: “Would you have a woman step down from her pedestal in order to enter practical life?” Yes! A thousand times, yes! If we can really find, after a careful search, any women mounted upon pedestals, we should willingly ask them to step down in order that they may meet and help to uplift their sisters. Freedom and justice for all are infinitely more to be desired than pedestals for a few.
    Bertha Honore Potter Palmer (1849–1918)

    Oh, God, why do they do this to us? We only wanted to live, you and I. Why should they send us out to fight each other? If we threw away these rifles and these uniforms, you could be my brother.
    Maxwell Anderson (1888–1959)