Mount Victoria, Auckland

Mount Victoria (known to the Māori as Takarunga) is the highest volcano on Auckland's North Shore, rising to 87 m. Its age is currently unknown. Its lava flows now line much of Devonport's waterfront. An important pa once occupied its slopes, and some of the pa's earthworks can still be seen. A scoria mound known as Duders Hill, on Mount Victoria's southern slopes was mostly quarried away.

Named after Queen Victoria, the hill provides panoramic views of Auckland's Waitemata Harbour and the inner Hauraki Gulf. Over the years the peak and upper slopes have housed a signal station for shipping,, artillery emplacements, farmland, and various concrete army bunkers, some from as early as the 1870s. One bunker now serves as the venue for the Devonport Folk Club.

The slopes of Mount Victoria are also home to Devonport Primary School, a local tennis club, and a scenic lookout. The old Signalman's House is now home to the Michael King Writers Centre which provides writers-in-residence programmes, hosting for visiting writers, residential workshops for experienced writers, and a series of workshops for young poets and emerging writers. The writer-in-residence programmes are supported by Creative New Zealand and the University of Auckland.

  • The north side of Mount Victoria, seen from Lake Road.

  • The Bunker, home of the Devonport Folk Club.

  • BL 8 inch Mk VII Disappearing gun at the summit of Mount Victoria.

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