Motorneuron - Motor Units

Motor Units

A single motor neuron may synapse with one or more muscle fibers. The motor neuron and all of the muscle fibers to which it connects is a motor unit. Motor units are split up into 3 categories: slow motor units, fast fatiguing motor units, and fast fatigue-resistant motor units.

  • Slow motor units are used to stimulate small muscle fibres which contract very slowly and provide small amounts of energy but are very resistant to fatigue, so they are used to sustain muscular contraction such keep the body upright.
  • The Fast Fatiguing motor units are used to stimulate larger muscle groups which apply large amounts of force but fatigue very quickly. They are used for tasks that requires large brief bursts on energy such as jumping or running.
  • The Fast Fatigue-Resistant motor unit stimulate moderate sized muscles groups that don't react as fast as the FF motor units, but can be sustained much longer, as implied by the name, and provide more force that the S motor unit.

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