Motor Cortex Controls

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The Motor Cortex Map
... certainly too limited and that dates back to the earliest work on the motor cortex, is that neurons in motor cortex control movement by a feed-forward direct pathway ... In that view, a neuron in motor cortex sends an axon or projection to the spinal cord and forms a synapse on a motoneuron ... When the neuron in cortex becomes active, it causes a muscle contraction ...

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    The confusion of emotions with behavior causes no end of unnecessary trouble to both adults and children. Behavior can be commanded; emotions can’t. An adult can put controls on a child’s behavior—at least part of the time—but how do you put controls on what a child feels? An adult can impose controls on his own behavior—if he’s grown up—but how does he order what he feels?
    Leontine Young (20th century)

    What shall we do with country quiet now?
    A motor drones insanely in the blue
    Like a bad bird in a dream.
    Babette Deutsch (1895–1982)