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SBB-CFF-FFS RBDe 560 - General Information
... In 1984 four pre-series sets (each consisting of a motor car and a driving trailer) were delivered ... up to the procurement of new low floor intermediate cars Domino starting in 2006, modernized Einheitswagen (EW) I and II coaches are used to achieve the desired passenger ... A standard set has a second class and a combined first/second class car, but sets with zero or up to three intermediate cars are being operated ...
London Underground Battery-electric Locomotives - Early Vehicles - Conversions
... unit operation, with motive power provided by converting four trailer cars to motor cars ... Around 1910, two of these motor cars, numbered 201 and 202, were fitted with batteries, and worked on a number of lines in addition to the Central London Railway ... Car 202 had its 'Nife' battery updated to one with 263 cells made by Edison Accumulator Ltd in 1924, while the number of cells in car 201 was increased from 200 to 238 in 1932 ...
London Underground 1914 Stock
... Twelve motor cars were built, ten by Brush in Loughborough, England and two by the Leeds Forge Company ... Trailer cars were transferred from the Piccadilly line where they had been surplus ... The twelve motor cars were numbered 38 - 39 (Leeds Forge) and 40 - 49 (Brush) ...
City Rail V Set - History - Third Batch (DIM & DIT)
... The first V sets were a success, and in 1982 DIM Motor Cars were introduced ... These cars had increased seating compared with the DC series, up from 88 to 96 for the motor cars, and from 92 to 112 for the trailers ... The cars built were Motor Cars - DIM 8037–8092 Trailer Cars - DIT 9101–9184 DIM 8037-8068 were built with a wood paneling interior, and without ditchlights ...
Rail Rolling Stock In New South Wales - Suburban Passenger Rolling Stock - Single-deck Cars - 1926–1960 Single-deck Steel Cars
... Between 1926 and 1960, a total of 417 motor cars and 417 trailer cars were built by various contractors including Leeds Forge Co ... The pre-war "1927 type" cars were known as the "Standard" cars as they dominated the suburban fleet, and featured First and Second Class travel until 1 January 1940 ... More cars (the majority being trailer cars), were delivered by Tullochs Ltd between 1940 and 1957 to cater for system expansion, and to replace many of the decrepit Wooden trailer cars ...

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    The reason American cars don’t sell anymore is that they have forgotten how to design the American Dream. What does it matter if you buy a car today or six months from now, because cars are not beautiful. That’s why the American auto industry is in trouble: no design, no desire.
    Karl Lagerfeld (b. 1938)

    What shall we do with country quiet now?
    A motor drones insanely in the blue
    Like a bad bird in a dream.
    Babette Deutsch (1895–1982)