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Adult Life

Moses and Ceasar, now as young adults, immediately formed a new firm with their father. It was called H. Cone & Sons. Moses and his brother Ceasar were "drummers" (traveling salesmen) for their father's dry goods firm. They sold their wares from Maryland to Alabama.

Moses met and wooed Bertha Lindau. In the 1880s the Cones then moved to Eutaw Place in Baltimore, conveniently the same street where the Lindaus lived. They became neighbors. Bertha was one year younger than Moses. Moses and Bertha in all likelihood met at a community social club called the "Sociables."

In 1884 Bertha was twenty six years old. In that same year Moses and Bertha began a four year courtship before marrying. Ceaser also courted Bertha. Moses and Bertha were both from German Jewish descendants and had much in common. In addition, they both were firstborn children from large families. They had no children themselves.

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