Morgan Report

The Morgan Report was an 1894 report concluding an official U.S. Congressional investigation into the events surrounding the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom, including the alleged role of U.S. military troops (both bluejackets and marines) in the overthrow of Queen Liliʻuokalani. Along with the Blount Report submitted in 1893, it is one of the main source documents compiling the testimony of witnesses and participants in the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom in January 1893. The Morgan Report was the final result of an official U.S. Congressional investigation into the overthrow, conducted by the United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, whose chairman was Senator John Tyler Morgan, Democrat of Alabama.

The Report is formally named the Senate Report 227 of the 53rd Congress, second session, and dated February 26, 1894. It was printed as part of a large volume containing other government documents: "Reports of Committee on Foreign Relations 1789-1901 Volume 6."

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Hawaiian sovereignty
Main issues
  • Overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom
  • Removal from U.N. Decolonization list
  • International law
  • United States constitutional law
  • Legal status
  • Opposition to the Overthrow
  • Kingdom
  • Provisional Government
  • Republic
Historical Conflicts
  • Hawaiian Rebellions
  • Bloodless Revolution
  • Wilcox Rebellion of 1889
  • Wilcox Rebellions
  • Overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom
  • Leper War
  • Black Week
  • 1895 Counter-Revolution
Modern Events
  • Hawaiian Renaissance
  • 2008 occupation of Iolani Palace
Parties & Organizations
  • Aloha Aina Party of Hawaii
  • Home Rule Party of Hawaii
  • Office of Hawaiian Affairs
Documents & Ideas
  • Blount Report
  • Morgan Report
  • Bayonet Constitution
  • Treaty of Annexation (Hawaii)
  • Ku’e Petitions
  • Newlands Resolution
  • Hawaiian Organic Act
  • Apology Resolution
  • Akaka Bill
  • Hawaii's Story
  • Kaua Kuloko 1895

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