Montana Republican Party

The Montana Republican Party (MTGOP) is the affiliate of the Republican Party in Montana. The party is led by Chairman William Deschamps (Missoula) and Vice Chair Christy Clark (Choteau). The National Committeeman is Errol Galt (Martinsdale) and the National Committeewoman is Betti Hill (Helena). The MTGOP is located in Helena, Montana and is a private company organized of political organizations which include political action groups, political advocacy groups, political interest groups, and other types of political organizations.

Bowen Greenwood was hired as Executive Director in 2010.

Republican John McCain won Montana in 2008 with 49.43% of the total statewide vote over Democrat Barack Obama who received 47.17%, a 2.4-percent margin of victory for the senior U.S. Senator from Arizona.

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    If you believe that a nation is really better off which achieves for a comparative few, those who are capable of attaining it, high culture, ease, opportunity, and that these few from their enlightenment should give what they consider best to those less favored, then you naturally belong to the Republican Party. But if you believe that people must struggle slowly to the light for themselves, then it seems to me that you are a Democrat.
    Eleanor Roosevelt (1884–1962)

    At the moment when a man openly makes known his difference of opinion from a well-known party leader, the whole world thinks that he must be angry with the latter. Sometimes, however, he is just on the point of ceasing to be angry with him. He ventures to put himself on the same plane as his opponent, and is free from the tortures of suppressed envy.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    [The Republican Party] consists of those who, believing in the doctrine that mankind are capable of governing themselves and hating hereditary power as an insult to the reason and an outrage to the rights of men, are naturally offended at every public measure that does not appeal to the understanding and to the general interest of the community.
    James Madison (1751–1836)