Monica's Gang - Related Works

Related Works

Most other works made by Sousa are related to Monica's Gang. They are usually separated stories at all from Monica's gang, but sometimes some cross-overs are presented. Just Chuck Billy (Chico Bento), which actually came in the same year (1963) as Monica itself, has a separate comic book, but once in a while there are stories from one into another book.

Quoting the official website, about Chuck Billy:

Silly country bumpkins who are comical yet so very wise in their ways. They'll love you; you'll love them. In Chuck Billy's world - a small country village complete with church square, bandshell and schoolhouse surrounded by farmland and rolling countryside - everybody knows everybody and life is full of wit and creativity.
  • Chuck Billy 'n' Folks
  • Horacio's World
  • Bug-a-Booo
  • The Cavern Clan
  • Tina's Pals
  • The Tribe
  • The Funnies
  • Lionel's Kingdom

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