Monarchy of Ireland

Monarchy Of Ireland

A monarchical polity has existed in Ireland during three periods of its history, finally ending in 1801. The first period was from ancient times (ante 900BC) until the Norman invasion of Ireland when the title effectively fell into abeyance. Following this period, the kingdom became a fief of the Holy See under the Lordship of the King of England. This lesser title lasted until the Parliament of Ireland conferred the crown of Ireland upon King Henry VIII of England during the English Reformation. The monarch of England held the crowns of England, Ireland and later Scotland in a personal union. The personal union between England and Scotland became a political union with the enactments of the Acts of Union 1707 by the parliaments of both these countires; the entity thereby created was called the Kingdom of Great Britain. The third period of the monarchy of Ireand was ended by the the Act of Union. In 1800, the parliament of Ireland approved the political union of the monarchy of Ireland with the monarchy of Great Britain and incidentally voted itself out of existance. The united entity thereby created was known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. With this union, the independant existance of the crown of Ireland was ended. From 1801 until December 1922, Ireland remained in this political union. After that date, most of Ireland left to become the Irish Free State with the remaining part, Northern Ireland, electing to remain in the United Kingdom. In 1927, the name of the state as well as the title of King George V was updated to reflect the fact that most of the island of Ireland had left the United Kingdom; it was changed to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. In April 1949, by the repeal of the 1936 External Relations Act, Ireland was declared to be a republic.

The designation King of Ireland (Irish: Rí na hÉireann) and Queen (regnant) of Ireland was used during these periods. Since April 1949, the only part of Ireland that retains a monarchical system is Northern Ireland (as part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland).

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