Molière's Company - Repertoire - Tragedy


It is notable there are more tragedies than comedies in the repertoire.

  • Alcionée, by Pierre Du Ryer
  • Le Cid, by Pierre Corneille
  • Cinna, by Pierre Corneille
  • Héraclius, by Pierre Corneille
  • Horace, by Pierre Corneille
  • Marianne, by Tristan L'Hermite
  • La Mort de Crispe, by François de Grenaille
  • La Mort de Pompée, by Pierre Corneille
  • Oreste et Pilade, by François-Joseph de Chancel
  • Rodogune, by Pierre Corneille
  • Scévole, by Pierre du Ryer
  • Venceslas, by Jean Rotrou
  • Zénobie, by Jean Magnon

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Famous quotes containing the word tragedy:

    The Taylor and the Painter often contribute to the Success of a Tragedy more than the Poet. Scenes affect ordinary Minds as much as Speeches; and our Actors are very sensible, that a well-dressed Play has sometimes brought them as full Audiences, as a well-written one.... But however the Show and Outside of the Tragedy may work upon the Vulgar, the more understanding Part of the Audience immediately see through it, and despise it.
    Joseph Addison (1672–1719)

    Three years ago, also, when the Sims tragedy was acted, I said to myself, There is such an officer, if not such a man, as the Governor of Massachusetts,—what has he been about the last fortnight? Has he had as much as he could do to keep on the fence during this moral earthquake?... He could at least have resigned himself into fame.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    The English Writers of Tragedy are possessed with a Notion, that when they represent a virtuous or innocent Person in Distress, they ought not to leave him till they have delivered him out of his Troubles, or made him triumph over his Enemies.
    Joseph Addison (1672–1719)