Molecular Electronics

Molecular electronics, sometimes called moletronics, involves the study and application of molecular building blocks for the fabrication of electronic components. This includes both bulk applications of conductive polymers as well as single-molecule electronic components for nanotechnology.

The interdisciplinary field of molecular electronics spans physics, chemistry, and materials science. The unifying feature is the use of molecular building blocks for the fabrication of electronic components. This includes both passive (e.g. resistive wires) and active components such as transistors and molecular-scale switches. Due to the prospect of size reduction in electronics offered by molecular-level control of properties, molecular electronics has generated much excitement both in science fiction and among scientists. Molecular electronics provides a potential means to extend Moore's Law beyond the foreseen limits of small-scale conventional silicon integrated circuits.

Molecular electronics comprises two related but separate subdisciplines: molecular materials for electronics utilizes the properties of the molecules to affect the bulk properties of a material, while molecular scale electronics focuses on single-molecule applications.

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