Mole Cricket

Mole Cricket

The mole crickets are the family Gryllotalpidae, in the order Orthoptera (grasshoppers, locusts and crickets). Mole crickets are cylindrical-bodied insects about 3–5 centimetres (1.2–2.0 in) long, with small eyes and shovel-like forelimbs highly developed for burrowing.

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... There are several genera of mole cricket, separated into tribes tribus Gryllotalpini Gryllotalpa Gryllotalpella Neocurtilla Neocurtilla hexadactyla ...
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... The Mole Cricket (オケラ, Okera?) is a small insect who is introduced early in the game ... He and other Mole Crickets often consider themselves to be very tough, but realize that they are not as powerful as they thought ... It appears later, along with many other Mole Crickets, who become vendors that appear throughout Nowhere Islands ...
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... The mole cricket also makes a frequent appearance in the game ... The Mole Cricket eventually became a shop owner ... He also stated that Mole Cricket served as a reminder for Buzz Buzz, a character from EarthBound who was also squashed (in his case fatally), to make ...

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    The thing that struck me forcefully was the feeling of great age about the place. Standing on that old parade ground, which is now a cricket field, I could feel the dead generations crowding me. Here was the oldest settlement of freedmen in the Western world, no doubt. Men who had thrown off the bands of slavery by their own courage and ingenuity. The courage and daring of the Maroons strike like a purple beam across the history of Jamaica.
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