Moke may refer to:

  • Moke, archaic British, Australian, and United States slang meaning Donkey
  • Moke, Created by Charlie Ryder, a habit that he will never be able to overcome
  • Mini Moke, utility vehicle produced by the British Motor Corporation (BMC)
  • Moke (band), British rock band
  • Moke (Amsterdam band), indie rock band from Amsterdam
  • Mark "Moke" Bistany, former drummer for Otep, Puddle of Mudd and Against All Will
  • Magneto-optic Kerr effect, MOKE, effect used for measuring magnetic properties
  • Moke (Bihar, India), village of around 200 families in India.
  • Moke (slang), disparaging term for Pacific Islanders, especially Samoans/Hawaiians
  • Tropical Storm Moke (1984)
  • A type of fictional lizard in the Harry Potter books
  • Moke, exotic flower, very fragrant, white in colour and found in Asia, Thailand
  • Masena Moke, Congolese footballer

Other articles related to "moke, mokes":

Moke (band) - History
... Moke formed in London, England in 1997, composed of John Hogg (vocals, guitar), Sean Genockey (guitar), Alex Evans (bass guitar), and John Morgan (drums) ... Moke signed to London indie label Dorado Records ... Moke toured the UK, Europe and the US extensively throughout the late 90's / early 2000s along with many acts, including The Black Crowes, Goo Goo Dolls, Tonic, Kings X ...
Moke (Amsterdam Band) - Biography
... played in the band Supersub before forming Moke ... guitarist Phil Tilli and Supersub drummer Rob Klerckx they start Moke, and bass player Marcin Felis and keyboard player Eddy Steeneken are added, and the line-up ... Moke's producer, Joeri Saal, is also the producer of Weller's album As Is Now ...
Mini Cooper - Variants - Mini Moke (1964–1989)
... Although the 4WD Moke could climb a 12 gradient, it lacked enough ground clearance for military use ... The single-engined front-wheel-drive Moke enjoyed some popularity in civilian production ... and is popular in holiday locations such as Barbados and Macau, where Mokes were used as police cars ...
Stick (film) - Plot
... Chucky refuses and sends albino hit-man Moke after the ex-con ... He becomes the target of Moke as well as the cartel that employs Chucky, led by the voodoo-obsessed Nestor ... A three-way confrontation on a high-rise balcony ends in Chucky's and Moke's deaths ...