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Sanford A. Moeller - Moeller and Drum Instruction
... a drum is discouragingly popular!" - Sanford Augustus ‘Gus’ Moeller Gus' Moeller is usually associated with the "Moeller Method" or 'Moeller Technique' (considered by some to be a misnomer), which ... In 1925, Moeller compiled and wrote "The Moeller Book The Art of Snare Drumming" ... Moeller's unique point of view was that he considered drum students, who were learning to drum properly, to be students of eurhythmics (refer to page 69 in Moeller's Book) ...
Moeller Method
... The Moeller method, or moeller technique, is named for drummer Sanford A ... Moeller, as described in his book The Art of Snare Drumming, also called The Moeller Book ... Moeller's favorite grip, of the two different right hand grips discussed in his book, is pictured on page 4 ...

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