Mobility Framework

Mobility Framework (MF) is a network simulation framework that supports wireless and mobile simulations within OMNeT++. MF has been developed as the successor of the FraSiMo framework at the Telecommunication Networks Group (TKN), Technical University of Berlin.

The core framework implements the support for node mobility, dynamic connection management and a wireless channel model, and provides basic modules that serve as a base for creating specific application and protocol models.

MF can be used for simulating:

  • fixed wireless networks
  • mobile wireless networks
  • distributed (ad-hoc) and centralized networks
  • sensor networks
  • multichannel wireless networks
  • other networks involving mobility and/or wireless communication

MF has an active user community, with discussion taking place on the OMNeT++ mailing list.

MF is expected to be succeeded by MiXiM, which is a merger of several OMNeT++ frameworks written to support mobile and wireless simulations (MF, ChSim, Mac Simulator, Positif).

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