Mobile Television

Mobile television is television watched on a small handheld or mobile device. It includes pay TV service delivered via mobile phone networks or received free-to-air via terrestrial television stations. Regular broadcast standards or special mobile TV transmission formats can be used. Additional features include downloading TV programs and podcasts from the internet and the ability to store programming for later viewing.

According to the Harvard Business Review, the growing adoption of smartphones allowed users to watch as much mobile video in just three days of the 2010 Winter Olympics as they watched throughout the entire 2008 Summer Olympics – an increase of 564%.

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... Idetic, Inc.) is a provider of end-to-end mobile media solutions ... for offline viewing to all tier-one wireless carriers and major mobile operating systems in the United States ... from T-Mobile USA, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, AT T, US Cellular among others, and in Canada through TELUS Mobility ...
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... Television received via the Internet may be free, subscription or pay-per-view, multicast, unicast, or peer-to-peer, streamed or downloaded, and use a variety of distribution technologies ... or media centre computers can be used for playback on televisions, such as a computer equipped with Windows Media Center ...
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... is an historical remnant from the early days of CRT television when CRT screens were manufactured on the bottoms of glass bottles, a direct extension of cathode ray tubes used in oscilloscopes ... Later, when televisions went to a more square format, the square screens were measured diagonally to compare with the older round screens ... LCDs, particularly on mobile devices, are frequently much less than this as the higher the dot pitch, the more optically inefficient the display and the more power it burns ...
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... Terrestrial 1seg (One Segment) – Mobile TV system on ISDB-T ATSC-M/H (ATSC Mobile/Handheld) – North America DAB-IP (Digital Audio Broadcast) – UK T-DMB (Terrestrial Digital Multimedia Broadcast ...

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    In full view of his television audience, he preached a new religion—or a new form of Christianity—based on faith in financial miracles and in a Heaven here on earth with a water slide and luxury hotels. It was a religion of celebrity and showmanship and fun, which made a mockery of all puritanical standards and all canons of good taste. Its standard was excess, and its doctrines were tolerance and freedom from accountability.
    New Yorker (April 23, 1990)

    From three to six months, most babies have settled down enough to be fun but aren’t mobile enough to be getting into trouble. This is the time to pay some attention to your relationship again. Otherwise, you may spend the entire postpartum year thinking you married the wrong person and overlooking the obvious—that parenthood can create rough spots even in the smoothest marriage.
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