Mitsuo Matayoshi

Mitsuo Matayoshi (又吉 光雄, Matayoshi Mitsuo?, also, Iesu Matayoshi) is a Japanese political activist, known for his perennial candidacy. He styles himself The only God Mitsuo Matayoshi Jesus Christ (唯一神又吉光雄・イエス・キリスト) or Jesus Matayoshi (又吉イエス) ("Iesu" is the Japanese pronunciation of the Latin pronunciation of "Jesus".). He is the leader of the World Economic Community Party (世界経済共同体党).

He was born in Ginowan, Okinawa on February 5, 1944. After graduating from Chuo University in Tokyo in 1968, he moved back to Okinawa and ran a juku, a private school. Matayoshi was trained as a Protestant preacher, and through his religious studies developed a particular concept of Christianity strongly influenced by eschatology. In 1997 he established the World Economic Community Party (世界経済共同体党), a political party based on his conviction that he is God. His concept is both religious and political, a mix of Christian eschatology like Augustine's De civitate Dei ("City of God") and conservative collectivism.

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