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USNS Mission San Luis Rey (T-AO-128)
... SS Mission San Luis Rey was a Type T2-SE-A2 tanker built for the United States Maritime Commission during World War II ... After the war she was acquired by the United States Navy as USS Mission San Luis Rey (AO-128) ... Later the tanker transferred to the Military Sea Transportation Service as USNS Mission San Luis Rey (T-AO-128) ...
San Marino
... San Marino, officially the Republic of San Marino (i/sæn məˈriːnoʊ/ san-mə-REE-noh Italian Repubblica di San Marino) and also known as the Most ... Its capital is the City of San Marino ... San Marino has the smallest population of all the members of the Council of Europe ...
Mission San Luis Rey De Francia - Spanish Era
... The original name, La Misión de San Luis, Rey de Francia (The Mission of Saint Louis, King of France) was named for King Louis IX of France ... It's 'nickname' was "King of the Missions" It was founded by padre Fermín Lasuén on June 13, 1798, the eighteenth of the twenty-one Spanish missions in California built in the upper Las ... In 1816, the Mission San Antonio de Pala Estancia Asistencia ("sub-mission") was established 20 mi (32 km) inland ...
San Antonio De Pala Asistencia
... The San Antonio de Pala Asistencia, or the "Pala Mission", was founded on June 13, 1816 as an asistencia ("sub-mission") to Mission San Luis Rey de Francia, some ... It was part of the Spanish missions, asistencias, and estancias system in Las Californias—Alta California ... Today it is located in the Pala Indian Reservation located in northern San Diego County, with the official name of Mission San Antonio de Pala ...
Quimistán - Notable People
... Nuevo Celilac Petoa Protección Quimistán San Francisco de Ojuera San José de Colinas San Luis San Marcos San Nicolás San Pedro Zacapa Santa Bárbara Santa Rita ...

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