Miss USA 2007 - Crossovers


  • Three former Miss Teen USA 2001 titleholders, three from 2002, three from 2003 and two from 2004 competed in the Miss USA 2007 competition totaling eleven teen titleholders. It broke the former record from Miss USA 2003 with the most Miss Teen titleholders of ten. The record for the most crossovers is still Miss USA 2003 though with ten former Miss Teen USA state titleholders and 5 Miss America state holders. Below is a list of crossovers:
    • Gloria Almonte (New York) - previously Miss New York Teen USA 2001, 1st runner up at Miss Teen USA 2001.
    • Erin O' Kelley (North Carolina) - previously Miss North Carolina Teen USA 2001, non-finalist at Miss Teen USA 2001.
    • Erin Abrahamson (New Jersey) - previously Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2001, non-finalist at Miss Teen USA 2001.
    • Alla Ilushka (Minnesota) - previously Miss Minnesota Teen USA 2002, semi-finalist at Miss Teen USA 2002.
    • Rachel Smith (Tennessee) - previously Miss Tennessee Teen USA 2002, semi-finalist at Miss Teen USA 2002.
    • Lauren Barnette (Virginia) - previously Miss Virginia Teen USA 2002, non-finalist at Miss Teen USA 2002.
    • Jami Stallings (Indiana) - previously Miss Indiana Teen USA 2003, top 15 at Miss Teen USA 2003.
    • Amanda Rammell (Idaho) - previously Miss Idaho Teen USA 2003, non-finalist at Miss Teen USA 2003.
    • Amber Seyer (Missouri) - previously Miss Missouri Teen USA 2003, non-finalist at Miss Teen USA 2003.
    • Helen Salas (Nevada) - previously Miss Nevada Teen USA 2004, second runner-up at Miss Teen USA 2004.
    • Magen Ellis (Texas) - previously Miss Texas Teen USA 2004, top 15 at Miss Teen USA 2004
  • The single Miss America 2004 delegate and two 2005 delegates are:
    • Blair Chenoweth (Alaska) - previously Miss Alaska 2003
    • Jenna Edwards (Florida) - previously Miss Florida 2004, preliminary swimsuit award at Miss America 2005.
    • Jalin Wood (Mississippi) - previously Miss Mississippi 2004

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