Misiones Department

Misiones Department

Misiones is a department located in the southern region of Paraguay. Its capital is San Juan Bautista. The eighth of Paraguay's 17 departments, it was created in 1906, then known as the San Ignacio Department, and was not given its present name until 1945. Its current name reflects its status as home to several Jesuit Reductions, or missions.

Located in a relatively isolated part of the country, far from the capital city of Asunción and other important population centers such as Ciudad del Este and Encarnación, Misiones has remained one of the least developed and poorer departments in the country.

Misiones borders the departments of Paraguarí and Caazapá to the north, Itapúa to the east, Ñeembucú to the west, and the Corrientes Province of Argentina to the south.

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