Mirin Dajo

Mirin Dajo was the pseudonym of Dutch fakir Arnold Gerrit Henskes (August 6, 1912 – May 26, 1948).. Although Arnold specificaly asked not to be called a fakir

He became famous for radically piercing his body with all kinds of objects and apparently without injury, even astounding the medical community at the time.

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Mirin Dajo - Switzerland
... In his performances Dajo used several assistants but after many dissapointments, he paired up with Jan Dirk de Groot who was his Dutch neighbor ... According to De Groot, Dajo had several guardian angels, was telepathic and could heal people ... The article alleged "that Dajo had 'proved' to Zurich doctors that his act was not based on fakery." He was allegedly instructed by voices to eat a steel needle which was to be ...