MIRARCO - EVO (Enhanced Visualization and Optimization)

EVO (Enhanced Visualization and Optimization)

EVO was created in 2008 from the former CMT (Centre for Mining Technology) and VREX (Virtual Reality Exploration) groups. CMT focused on technology projects like Water-jet scaling and mine planning, while VREX focused on mine safety, and integration, interpretation, and visualization through its Virtual Reality Laboratory (owned by Laurentian University).

The combined group now focuses its efforts on creating and using software for the mining industry. Its first major software product was the Schedule Optimization Tool (SOT), which launched in June 2008. The SOT uses a Genetic Algorithm to produce optimal schedules for underground mining operations.

EVO also has ongoing projects in Virtual Reality Safety, Mine Ventilation, and Long-term mine planning. In addition, EVO is building an open-source data visualization and integration product called ParaViewGeo, a derivative of ParaView.

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