Mirăslău (German: Mireslau; Hungarian: Miriszló) is a commune located in Alba County, Romania. It has a population of 2334. The commune is composed of six villages: Cicău (Csákó), Decea (Marosdécse), Lopadea Veche (Oláhlapád), Mirăslău, Ormeniș (Marosörméyes) and Rachiș (Oláhrákos).

The commune is the site of a battle in 1600 between the Wallachian army led by Michael the Brave and the Hungarian noblemen supported by the Austrian general Giorgio Basta (see Battle of Mirăslău).

At the 2011 census, 67.5% of inhabitants were Romanians, 27.8% Hungarians and 4.5% Roma. At the 2002 census, 66.4% were Romanian Orthodox, 25% Reformed and 4% Greek-Catholic.