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MIPS Magnum - Historical Development
... The MIPS Magnum 3000 used a MIPS R3000 processor and a custom, proprietary motherboard which incorporated the TURBOchannel bus (it is noted that DEC also manufactured the ... The Magnum 3000 ran only RISC/os, which was MIPS Computer Systems, Inc.'s proprietary port of BSD Unix including some System V features ... The later Magnums, the MIPS Magnum R4000PC and MIPS Magnum R4000SC, also used a MIPS microprocessor — the MIPS R4000, a full 64-bit microprocessor ...
MIPS Technologies
... Coordinates 37°25′12″N 122°04′22″W / 37.4201°N 122.0728°W / 37.4201 -122.0728 MIPS Technologies, Inc Type Public (NASDAQ MIPS) Industry RISC microprocessors Founded 1984 ... formerly MIPS Computer Systems, Inc ... is a semiconductor design company that is most widely known for developing the MIPS architecture and a series of RISC CPU chips ...

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    The only people who treasure systems are those whom the whole truth evades, who want to catch it by the tail. A system is just like truth’s tail, but the truth is like a lizard. It will leave the tail in your hand and escape; it knows that it will soon grow another tail.
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    The analogy between the mind and a computer fails for many reasons. The brain is constructed by principles that assure diversity and degeneracy. Unlike a computer, it has no replicative memory. It is historical and value driven. It forms categories by internal criteria and by constraints acting at many scales, not by means of a syntactically constructed program. The world with which the brain interacts is not unequivocally made up of classical categories.
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